A brand new digital service has replaced the paper and e-form options for registering an agricultural waste exemption.  Registration needs to be completed by October 2016.  The Environment Agency is encouraging farmers and other business to go online and register.  The new service has been designed to make online registration quicker and more efficient than ever before.

It is expected that up to half a million agricultural waste exemptions will be submitted before October as many exemptions that were granted in 2013 are now expiring and need to be re-registered.

Exemptions are available for using waste, treating waste, disposing of waste and storing waste. You will need to register your waste exemption if you are carrying out operations like spreading waste to benefit agricultural land, burning waste in the open or depositing waste from dredging inland waters.

Once your exemption expires, the waste activities carried out under the exemption are no longer covered. If you are found to still be carrying out these waste activities without an exemption you are likely to be fined by the Environment Agency. To avoid this please remember to renew your exemption by October 2016.

Please contact Ellen Cottrell on 01684 853400 or ellencottrell@fts.carverknowles.co.uk if you need any assistance or more information on registering your waste exemption.