Earlier in the year DEFRA announced a scheme to provide funding for flooding relief from the Storm Henk flooding in January – the Farming Recovery Fund. This scheme is to provide grants for farmers to return their land to its condition prior to the Storm Henk floods.

The Farming Recovery Fund has recently been updated, with changes made to the eligibility criteria and scheme requirements:

  • To be eligible, land must now be near to an eligible river (the 150m limit has been removed) or have experienced exceptional rainfall (more than 70% higher than normal).
  • DEFRA has identified farmers who are eligible. You will be contacted directly by RPA if eligible.
  • You will not be asked to provide evidence of damage or costs.
  • The recovery grant will be paid at a flat rate, dependant on your farm size, with a minimum payment of £2,895 and maximum payment of £25,000.
  • You no longer have to submit a claim form to claim the monies, if you are eligible the grant monies will be paid directly into the bank account linked to your RPA account.
  • DEFRA will no longer be doing remote monitoring to verify the undertaking of recultivation works.

Eligibility has been decided by the RPA and there is no exceptions process.

The grant is to help with costs such as recultivation, soil remediation, the removal of debris and pollution; to help bring the land back into production. It is up to farmers how they spend the money, but if the money is not used as intended it can be reclaimed by the RPA.

All farmers who were previously contacted by the RPA under the first iteration of this scheme will remain eligible and will be entitled to receive, as a minimum, the funding they were offered earlier in the year.


There are further schemes now available to support resilient farming practices, such as the Sustainable Farming Incentive which has recently been expanded to offer new actions for farmers. If you are interested in learning more about this scheme and how it can work for your farm then please do get in contact with us on 01684 853400 or at enquiries@carverknowles.co.uk to book an appraisal.