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Carver Knowles are experienced professionals and will act as an Expert Witness for property and business disputes specialising in all rural areas including, boundary disputes, rights of way disputes and matrimonial disputes.

Disputes arise from a variety of circumstances including neighbour disputes, professional negligence, matrimonial break ups and partnership dissolutions. As Expert Witnesses we are able to use our specialised knowledge of the rural property market to report our findings to the Court in any litigation that you may be involved in. We are specialists in all areas of rural planning, valuation and tenancy law and are able to offer you an unbiased view of your particular issue. At all times we will act within the guidelines of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Expert Witness guidance and within the Civil Procedure Rules. We can offer an initial opinion on your particular case prior to pursuing litigation and can also act as Single Joint Experts (acting for both parties to the dispute) or as an independent Expert Witnesses (acting for one party only).

Each dispute process is different however typically we are initially instructed to prepare our initial report based on the agreed instructions from your solicitor. In the case of being an independent expert witness we are then often asked to meet with our opposite valuer to report to the court on the items we agree and disagree. If dispute remains we can then attend court if required.

We cover disputes surrounding:

  • Rural property valuations including farm houses, buildings, land and livestock / deadstock
  • Landlord and Tenant disputes under the 1986 Agricultural Holdings Act and Farm Business Tenancy legislation
  • Partnership dissolutions
  • Neighbour disputes eg. breach of covenants, boundaries and nuisance
  • Development potential and value of sites and buildings

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