Farm Business Advice

We provide a farm business advice service to take a health check of your business, drill down into the finances, review gross margins and investigate ways to improve your bottom line.

Where farm businesses are looking to expand, we can look at new farming opportunities through taking on contract farming or share farming agreements or renting land under Farm Business tenancies. In times of volatile returns in agriculture it’s critical to have a close eye on the costs and sales of these agreements and we also oversee the full management of Contract Farming agreements including control of payments and sale of crops.

These agreements can become outdated and so reviewing and updating them is important to ensure the business is being run efficiently.

Whether a farm business is going through difficult times or needs a fresh look at their finances, we are able to offer support and advice. There are normally different ways to help a business. Sometimes assets can be managed to minimise losses and business structures reviewed.

We deal with your bank, debt recovery companies and existing advisers to ensure the business and people in the business are protected as much as possible.

As rural surveyors we also work closely with farmers and landowners to plan the succession of their business and property. This involves understanding the needs of existing and future generations and looking at all issues from viability to a fair valuation and division of assets.

Farm business advice services:

  • Complete business ‘health check’
  • Prepare a business development plan
  • Contract Farming and Share Farming preparation and managements
  • Review existing Contract and Share Farming agreements
  • Succession planning from initial informal meeting, to working with solicitors and tax advisers to develop the detailed plan
  • Assess your current resource efficiency and identify methods of reducing costs
  • Identify ways of adding value to existing property assets / skills
  • Review existing tenancies, partnerships and other business agreements
  • Undertake feasibility studies for new enterprises or diversification projects
  • Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax planning
  • Restructuring farm debt to reduce costs or release security – we work closely with the AMC who understand modern farm businesses and price volatility

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