Rural Business Rates

Whether you have issues with your existing business rates bill, are looking to appeal your entry on the rating list or want to plan for a future business rates liability on a diversification project, Carver Knowles can help.

Business rates can often catch people out, including farmers who diversify, and many horse owners with stables occupied privately with their house. National non-domestic rates, more commonly known as ‘business rates’, can be complicated and apply to any non-domestic property regardless of whether there is a business activity being run from that property or not.

Business rates bills are calculated by applying a nationally set multiplier to the properties ‘rateable value’ which is the estimated amount that the property would be let for each year. Non-domestic properties are currently valued every 5 years, with the valuation date being 2 years ahead of when it will come into effect on the new rating list. For example the next rating list will come into effect on the 1st April 2021 but all non-domestic properties will be valued on 1st April 2019.

Carver Knowles can help with all aspects of rural business rates including:

  • Rating of equestrian property
  • The ‘Check, Challenge, Appeal’ system
  • Appealing an entry on the rating list
  • Amending an entry on the rating list
  • Advising on business rate reliefs

If you are considering a diversification project, together with our planning consultancy team we can advise on how best to approach the planning application process and what changes can be made early on in the project to help reduce your future business rates liability.