We don’t talk about expert witness work much as it’s one of those areas that quietly happens and matters are almost always confidential. We have however been very busy in 2016 with various rural and development expert witness work so thought it worth detailing the sort of subjects we have dealt with:

  • Report for the valuation of a ransom strip to a development site
  • Single joint expert for matrimonial dispute – advising on the farm assets and ability to raise funds
  • Single joint expert – farm valuation for matrimonial dispute
  • Report and in Court – Boundary and right of way dispute
  • Report providing valuation and practical advice in connection with professional indemnity claim on a firm of solicitors.
  • Report to consider loss in freehold value and rental value as a result of a neighbouring property being in breach of restrictive covenant
  • Report to consider the loss in freehold value of a property as a result of a footpath issue in connection with a professional indemnity claim on a firm of solicitors
  • Single joint expert – small holding valuation in connection with a will dispute


We only wish to be experts in our field which we consider to be rural property and valuation issues. Within these areas there are a wide scope of subjects including rural tenancies and contract farming, farm financeplanning and development.  Areas we specialise in are Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

One of the main hopes and reasons to commission an expert witness report is to obtain a professional and fresh opinion of the facts and issues. The report can often lead to further dialogue and hopefully settlement of the dispute. Appointing a joint expert  can be the first step to finding a resolution before court proceedings commence and cause additional costs and stresses, which potentially could have been avoided.


If you would like to discuss any case with us please contact either Mike Cluley or Andrew Troughton (01684 853400).