The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) has just announced the 2017 Basic Payment Scheme entitlement values in advance of the BPS 2017 Payment window which starts on the 1st December. As a result of both the exchange rate (set as an average over September) and a slight increase in value of the the basic and greening element of the payment, the 2017 payment shows a 7% increase in value compared to 2016 levels.


The payment rates now work out to be approximately £228 per ha or £92 per ac compared with £213 per ha and £86 per ac in 2016. The main reason behind the increase is the difference in the exchange rate which for 2017 was set at £0.89470 : €1.00 (2016: £0.85228) although the “Basic Payment” element of the payment has also risen by approximately €5 to €180 per ha (the “Greening” element is just less that €78 per ha).


Given the past (on in many cases ongoing) issues with the RPA and incorrect payments we would urge that everyone checks their payments as best they can when they arrive to make sure that the payments made are roughly correct. Once the Claim Statements are sent out (in the New Year) more accurate checks can then be made based on the information that the RPA has based the claim payment on versus the claim data submitted.


Carver Knowles have a BPS payment calculator that covers all the BPS scheme years and we can check the payments made to make sure you have received the correct amount. We can also help determine where discrepancies may have been made and take this up with the RPA to ensure corrections are made.


Please get in touch with Mike Cluley for further assistance and information in regards to all BPS matters.