As many of you will be aware, the RPA have now launched the new Basic Payment Scheme application system on their Rural Payments Service. The system uses the “Siti-Farmer” software that Carver Knowles used extensively in 2015 for many of our client’s BPS applications. As a result of our understanding of the software we are very well placed to be able to assist and guide our clients through the BPS application process. We highlight below a few key things to consider in applying under the Basic Payment Scheme:

  • The deadline for BPS claim submissions is midnight on 16th May 2016 leaving just over 6 weeks or so to prepare and submit applications.
  • Many mapping tasks raised under the 2015 application process have yet to be completed by the RPA and care is required in order to use the correct data in 2016
  • Mapping of features still needs to be carried out on an RLE1 form.
  • Land and Entitlement transfers can be completed online through the Rural Payments Service.
  • Applicants must adhere to the Greening Rules, be an Active Farmer and deliver Cross Compliance.
  • Paper forms will be sent to applicants with no previous electronic communication with the RPA.
  • Paper supplementary forms will be available for data that can not be inputted through the online system.

Following the RPA’s difficulties with the 2015 claim process we urge everyone to carefully check their 2015 Claim Statements when they arrive to ensure that the payments made for 2015 were correct. We know of a large number of cases where incorrect payments have been made to claimants for a variety of reasons which include incorrect data inputting by the RPA and missing land and entitlement transfers amongst others.

Carver Knowles is also offering an Entitlement Trading service this year so if you need to purchase or sell any surplus entitlement please check our Entitlement Trading page or give Mike Cluley a call.

If you require any assistance with your 2016 Basic Payment application please do not hesitate to give the Carver Knowles team a call.