The Welsh Government and Rural Development Programme has allocated £40m to a new Welsh Farm Business Grant. This is designed to help farmers reduce their carbon emissions, improve their resilience and competitiveness.

£3,000 – £12,000 is available per farm business at a 40% grant rate over a four-year period. The first application period is to open in May for two months. Examples include:



·         Fixed/mobile handling equipment including crush

·         Weighing Scales

·         Calving detectors

·         Automated footbaths

General Equipment:

·         Livestock housing fans

·         Calf milk dispensers

·         Bulk feed bins

·         Robotic Silage pusher


·         Fixed/Mobile handling system

·         Electronic weigh scales

·         EID hand held Devices


·         Fixed Handlings Systems

·         Electronic Weighing  facilities

·         Enclosed piglet creeps with heat pads

Crop management:

·         GPS/Yield Mapping

·         Subsoiler

·         Minimum tillage/cultivation machinery

·         Seed drill

·         Chemical Store

Energy Efficiency:

·         Heat recovery unit

·         Fuel meters

·         Energy efficient milk storage tanks

·         Integrated wash down facilities

·         Electric scraper systems

Resource Efficiency:

·         Trailing shoe slurry system

·         Slurry Separator

·         Shallow injection systems

·         Water Harvesting and filtering equipment

·         Boreholes

Resource Efficiency:

·         Computer hardware

·         Farm software, business and physical recording

·         Digital weather station linked to computer software



Carver Knowles are farm grant specialists and have had a great deal of success with application including Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme, the Countryside Productivity Scheme and also LEADER grant applications.

With our expert knowledge and expanding work base in the Monmouthshire and Gwent areas. We can offer you the best advice to maximise your chances of a successful Welsh Farm Business Grant.

For further information about the new grant scheme or to register your interest for further scheme updates please contact call 01684 853400 to contact Mike or Alyssia.