With the recent recruitment of Planning Consultant, Simon Rowles, to the Planning team at Carver Knowles, and in light of recent planning appeals  in the Three Counties area, there is an opportunity to review any planning decisions you have received within the last 6 months.

The following are brief summaries of recent appeal decisions that may be helpful you to your proposed development.

Residential barn conversion

Firstly, an appeal decision relating to a residential barn conversion near Stockton-on-Teme was allowed in October of last year.  The Inspector concluded that whilst the Council’s concerns were valid planning considerations, and that the normal application of its policies would be likely to exclude residential development in isolated countryside locations, it is the Government’s intention that this objection should not apply to the exercise of “Class Q” permitted development rights.

Holiday let occupancy condition

A further decision issued in September 2015 related to the removal of a holiday let occupancy condition on a cottage in Leddington near Dymock.  In allowing the appeal the Inspector accepted that evidence of marketing and property value is often used to demonstrate that there is no longer a need for a holiday/commercial use.  However, within the Forest of Dean District it was noted that there is no direct policy requirement that necessitates such evidence to be submitted. It was concluded that the unfettered residential use of the property would not be materially different to that of the permitted holiday use, given its modest size and proximity to the nearest villages.

Enforcement notice appeal

Finally, whilst dismissing an appeal and upholding an enforcement notice relating to a domestic garage at a residential property in Lower Broadheath the Inspector varied the requirements of the notice to allow for lesser steps to remedy to breach of planning control.  This effectively means that the Appellant has been allowed to retain the garage but in a lower, less intrusive form.

Should you have received any planning refusals or enforcement notices, and you require assistance in preparing a resubmission or appeal statement, please contact Simon Rowles.