Alex Stafford Clark takes a look at some of the finer detail of the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund Round 2. 

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) is opening for Round 2 and while the essence of the grant remains the same, there are some exciting developments.

Unlike Round 1, the FETF 2023 has been split into two themes which are administered and funded separately;

  • Productivity and Slurry items
  • Animal Health and Welfare items

Items have been added to both themes, with roughly 21 new items added to the Productivity and Slurry theme and 66 new items added to support animal health and welfare. The online application window for Productivity and Slurry items is now open (closing 4th April) with Animal Health and Welfare items expected to open in March.

The cost of the items has been reviewed for Round 2 and grant rates have been increased where necessary meaning many of the items are now receiving between 40% and 50% grant funding.

Popular items from Round 1 such as mobile cattle handling systems, fencing, lamb creep feeders, and cameras for monitoring livestock are all included under the Animal Health and Welfare funding with robotic slurry pushers and direct drills continuing to be included in the Productivity and Slurry funding.

The table below shows some of the new items catching our eye;

Item Average total cost of the item (£) Grant amount (£) Score Percentage grant funded (%)
Mobile slurry chopper pump 8,710 4,355 55 50
Direct drill 4m 35,690 14,276 59 40


Direct drill with fertiliser placement 3m 68,000 25,000 63 36
Inter row companion drills 3m / 6m 26,800 13,400 56 / 66 50
Liquid fertiliser applicator for seed drills / planters 3m 15,905 6,362 60 40
Robotic drill and guided hoe 62,566 25,000 80 40
Grain protein monitor 10,590 4,236 57 40
Snacker feeder 1,569 628 73 40
Cow mattresses 64 26 57 40
Mobile calf handling crate 654 327 90 50
Heat lamps for calves 49 25 98 51
Outdoor calf housing: Group 3,476 1,738 55 50
Rubber coverings for slatted floors for cattle buildings 50 25 47 50
Lamb auto milk feeder 2,050 820 77 40
Solar powered electric fence energiser 249 100 74 40


The table above is by no means exhaustive so for a full list of the items available please use the GOV.UK website.

As before, the funding is competitive with this round being scored.

If you are interested in applying and would like assistance, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialist grants team on 01684 853400 or email