Further to our previous blog post on 6th January 2017 “Community Infrastructure Levy – what is it and how does it apply?”, the South Worcestershire Councils have now formally adopted their CIL charging schedules. This therefore means that many forms of development are now liable to additional charges should planning permission be granted.

The levy is charged as £ per square metre in respect of the Gross Internal Area of any new development. The amount of CIL liable is also dependent on where the development is located within the District, the type of use proposed, the amount of floor space that is being created and the amount that is being lost i.e. through demolition.

Irrespective of whether the development is liable or not, the relevant forms need to be submitted to the Local Planning Authority alongside any planning application.

CIL on Agricultural Buildings;

New agricultural buildings within South Worcestershire, regardless of their size, are exempt under the adopted Charging Schedule as they are classified as a NIL rate charge on development.

CIL on other forms of Development;

The CIL Charging Schedule separates forms of development into categories including; residential, retail, shops, hotels, industrial and offices. Those which do not have a nil rate charge will be charged on any new floor space created. This may be anywhere between £40/m² to £100/m² depending upon the type development. For example a new residential dwelling, outside of a Strategic Area for development, with a floor space of 150m² will be liable for a CIL charge of £6,000 based on £40/m².

We would therefore advise you to plan early to avoid any extra costs at the end of any planning applications. If you would like some more advice please call Ellie Jones on 01684 853400