The long awaited Countryside Productivity Scheme has been launched. The scheme provides funding for large scale projects in England which improve productivity in the farming and forestry sector.

The scheme has been specifically targeted at:

  • Forestry
  • Water Resource Management


The forestry element allows those with commercial woodlands over 10ha to apply for a range of items to help benefit their business including:

  • Timber trailers
  • Mobile Wood Chippers
  • Log Splitters
  • Woodchip Store
  • Timber Cranes

Water Resource Management

The countryside productivity grant also offers funding to improve farm productivity through more efficient use of water irrigation, and to secure water supplies for crop irrigation by the construction of on-farm reservoirs. Funding can include:

  • Construction of water storage reservoirs
  • Abstraction point, pump and pipe work to fill reservoir
  • Irrigation pump, controls, underground water distribution
  • Water metering equipment
  • Boom or trickle irrigation
  • Software and sensors

The grant can offer funding up to 40% of the eligible costs of the project with a minimum grant of £35,000. This means that the overall cost of the project must exceed £87,500.

Unlike other grants available the Countryside Productivity Scheme is a one stage application process. This includes submitting an application form and finance analysis.

Carver Knowles are rural grant specialist, having successfully completed a wide range of grants including LEADER, Rural Development Programme, FFIS and Water Capital Grants.

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