As the renewable energy industry matures and slows, there are a range of new power generation opportunities emerging for farmers.

The rapid growth in renewables has created a problem to the National Grid in terms of supply, consistency and quality. Added to this national demand for power is very close to outstripping supply which if not resolved, would eventually lead to power outages at times of peak demand.

To combat this, the Government are incentivising smaller power schemes that provide instant power on demand and this creates great opportunities for farmers and landowners.

These can be hosting a large scale supply project, typically on 1 or 2 acres and receiving rent or investing in your own power generation scheme.  The market, technology options and grid capacity are becoming increasingly complex and specialist areas and for this reason we have teamed up with a specialist independent power consultant who works solely in this area.   They have agreed to undertake free initial appraisals to establish if there are any opportunities.

generating power


As with renewables it’s critically important to select the right partner/developer and make sure you chose one who has a real chance of making the project happen. There a lot of operators in the industry who are just trying to grab grid connections, which are in short supply, in their name so we would recommend avoid signing directly with any developer. Instead we will work with our partner to initially establish the potential and once established we are in a position to offer the potential site to all developers and select the one who best fits the situation.

It’s also important to remain flexible regarding the type of technology whether it is gas, battery, renewable or a future power source such as hydrogen. Some don’t currently work commercially such as batteries and the government can quickly drop one sector and favour another so signing up with a developer who only has one power option has risks. The key to any viable scheme is the grid connection more so than the particular technology.

What do I need to have a power site?

Good sites will typically have:

  1. An electricity substation nearby or;
  2. Be near a good power supply (typically 33kV or 66KV overhead lines.)
  3. Be some distance (ideally 250m) from houses.
  4. Have access to the highway.
  5. Be near some existing noise (i.e. a road)

If you are interested in us looking at your farm we are happy to do this initial appraisal without cost or obligation.   If we see an opportunity we will then work with you to take it further.

If you want us to undertake an initial site search on your farm please get in touch via email or telephone.



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