With less than one year left to benefit from Class PA permitted development rights Carver Knowles reviews the potential this has.

What is Class PA?

Class PA is a permitted development right that allows the change of use of a building from light industrial (Class B1(c)) to a dwelling house (Class C3). This right is limited to the change of use only, meaning any physical changes may require an additional planning application.


Deadline approaching for Class PA permitted development

  • Streamlined application
  • Application only required to meet set criteria
  • Lower planning fee.


To qualify for Class PA permitted development rights the building must meet a set criteria, including:

  • The building must have been solely for light industrial use on or before 19th March 2014
  • Must be less than 500m²
  • Must not be under an agricultural tenancy or have been occupied under an agricultural tenancy in the year prior to planning application, unless proof can be produced that it is no longer required for agricultural purposes
  • Must not be listed
  • The site cannot be:
    • of special scientific interest
    • a safety hazard area
    • a military explosives storage area
    • a scheduled monument.

Class PA development applications must be made by 5th August 2020 and decisions must made by 30th September 2020. If you have a light industrial building you think may be suitable for conversion and would like more information on how to apply for a Class PA then please call Ellen or Amelia on 01684 853400 or email Ellencottrell@carverknowles.co.uk or Ameliasheldon@carverknowles.co.uk.