Ag Tie Farmhouse

Carver Knowles success in removing “Agricultural ties” continues.
Carver Knowles have successfully removed an Agricultural Occupancy Condition from a Worcestershire farmhouse, even though the property formed part of a working farm and was occupied by the farmer and his wife.

The farmhouse formed part of a 160 acre mixed livestock and arable unit and Carver Knowles were able to prove that the original planning permission was never implemented and therefore that the agricultural occupancy condition never applied to the property.

Julie Newton of Carver Knowles  said “The fact that the planning permission was not implemented correctly is more common than you would think and I would recommend anyone looking to remove an agricultural occupancy condition to first investigate whether their planning permission was correctly implemented. The removal of an agricultural occupancy condition can increase the value of a property by up to 30%, which can be a significant financial advantage for those looking to sell or raise finance.”

This application proves that it is possible to remove an Ag Tie even when the property is linked to a working farm. If you would like assistance with removing the condition on your property or would like an assessment of whether the planning permission was correctly implemented please contact Julie Newton on 01684 853400 or by email 

Carver Knowles specialise in dwellings with agricultural occupancy conditions, both getting planning consent where new houses are required or removing ties that are no longer relevant.