The Agricultural Bill confirmed that Basic Payment Scheme payments will start to be progressively phased out in 2021, with all payments stopping by 2028.

The current Countryside Stewardship is envisaged to remain available until 2024, with a new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) starting from 2025. This will be piloted from 2021 and based on “public money for public good basis.”

DEFRA is currently working with groups of farmers to conduct tests and trials for help build the evidence base to help inform policy development and draft the scheme.

So what will the new scheme aim to achieve?

It is thought that the ELMS options will be designed to help promote:

  • Clean air
  • Clean and plentiful water
  • Thriving plants and wildlife
  • Protection from and mitigation of hazards
  • Habitable climate
  • Beauty, heritage and engagement (including recreation)

What will be different from previous schemes?

The pilot schemes will help determine the following:

  • Length of the agreement
  • Payment rates
  • Percentage of land to be included

There are also provisions for additional productivity measures through funding innovation and research as well as other support for investment in equipment and technologies to help manage risk and improve productivity.

For more information regarding existing and potential environmental schemes please call us on 01684 853400