promoting land development

How to get the Local Planning Authority on Board.

With planning policy and controls becoming increasingly stringent, many local business are put off by the idea of large scale development or even redevelopment of their sites.

Whilst we are under no illusions that the time and costs of large scale planning can be considerable, it is important to note that, done correctly, with the relevant consultant reports and in line with policy, costs can be minimised and outcomes to benefit the client can be achieved.

Carver Knowles has recently appointed planning expert, Ellie Jones from Monmouthshire, who has experience in the development of 5 and 10 year plans for agricultural and commercial businesses. Ellie is also able to advise on the opportunities available and undertake the management of the planning application process, from appointing and managing consultants and meeting with the Local Planning Authorities, to the submission of the phased development planning applications.

Ellie has previously been involved with development plans for specialist growers who are looking to expand their current business enterprises to enable them to wash, process and package their produce prior to it being distributed nationwide.

For large scale development we would recommend that early engagement with the Local Planning Authority is undertaken through the informal Pre-Application Advice process. This will explore whether the proposed development is acceptable in principle to the Local Planning Authority and will allow them to comment on the application in the early design stages.

For more information or advice on opportunities and the process involved with large scale development, please contact Carver Knowles on 01684 853400 or alternatively email Ellie on