The extended areas have just been announced which are now eligible for the Farming Recovery Fund.


What is it?

The fund helps farmers whose agricultural land (that has been deemed eligible by the FRF scheme) was damaged by flooding we experienced in February 2020. The fund provides financial assistance with a minimum grant level of £500 and maximum level of £25,000.


When can I apply?

  • Applications are open now, and up until 1st September 2020.
  • The application is then reviewed, and decisions should be returned within 6 weeks of applying.
  • The next stage will be to complete your work and submit the claim with the required supporting evidence.


Who can apply?

Farmers with land deemed eligible by the FRF scheme as a result of the flooding between 15th and 29th February (Storm Dennis). The new scheme covers land in the following areas:


River Severn- Eligible land from Tewkesbury down to Fishing House, South of Gloucester


River Severn – Eligible land along its length within Worcestershire

River Teme – Eligible land from its confluence with River Severn up to Tenbury Wells


River Wye, Lugg, Arrow and Teme are all eligible along their lengths in Herefordshire.


How to apply?

Depending on different factors, the application is made either online or via a paper submission. Supporting evidence will only be needed at the claim stage, but it is important to get this all in place before the initial application, so that only items that can be justified, are claimed for.


When can I start work?

You can include work in your application that you have already started or completed. Photographs must be provided as evidence and they must be clear that the damage was caused by the flooding event.


What are the claim values?

Example options include:

  • Cultivation operations for the restoration of grassland – £66/ha
  • Cost of grass seed for over-seeding – £100/ha
  • Cultivation operations for the restoration of arable/horticultural land – £94/ha
  • Restoring gateways – £92/gateway
  • Replacing lost or damaged livestock troughs – £110
  • Stone wall restoration – £25/m
  • Post and wire fencing – £4/m


Other damage not covered by the standard rates such as clearing ditches, clearing debris and more major restoration of land can be applied for by getting 3 quotes for the restoration works.


For those affected, ensuring that you have records and evidence to support your claim will be essential. If you were affected by flooding, and are situated within the areas listed above, we will be able to help you to make a Farming Recovery Fund application. Get in touch with us on: 01684 853400 or send an email to