Following the announcement that the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) will now be done using paper forms rather than the Rural Payments System and that the deadline is now the 15th June, we now have a different timeline of actions that need to be taken. We have summarised the key issues and when they need to be completed below for ease of reference:


Registration on the Rural Payments Service – You still need to be registered on the new system in order to be eligible to make a BPS claim. If you have not already registered please do so ASAP.


Forms – Blank forms are available now to download in order to assist in drafting of claims. The forms are partly similar to the old Single Payment Form but also require information and crop codes in order to calculate compliance with Greening.

We understand “pre-populated” claim forms will be emailed to registered customers / agents in early April. These forms will have some of the field data already present however this will need checking and possibly amending in addition to inputting the cropping and Greening information required. The forms also contain the “Active Farmer” declaration and the Young Farmer payment and Entitlement National Reserve application. The forms need to be completed and returned by 15th June 2015. There is no requirement to send in maps of every field


Entitlements – Entitlements can now be traded up until the 15th May 2015 for use in this BPS claim year. The transfer system has reverted to the previous RLE1 Form system. There is no longer a need for a 6 week notification period.


Mapping Changes to Land – Mapping changes have reverted back to the previous RLE1 Form system. Additional land already registered on the RLR can be added onto a farmer’s BP5 form without the need to use an RLE1.



  • Ensure you are registered on the new Rural Payments System
  • Monitor emails for the “pre-populated” Application Form
  • Consider and complete any Entitlement Transfers that are required
  • Consider and calculate your Greening requirements ahead of any spring cropping (if you haven’t done so already)
  • Seek advice if you are in any doubt at all in regards to the application process


We realise this is a fast moving and complicated subject area and would urge you to keep an eye on your emails and both the RPA’s and our website for updates as they happen. It still remains that if you get the claim wrong or forget to submit it, there are significant consequences with the permanent loss of Entitlements and potential financial penalties.