I was in a situation where my Father wanted to gift a second property to me. I was already living in the property but it had an agricultural tie attached to it. To allow me to borrow money against the property for an extension and improvements, the agricultural tie would need to be removed. After much research, I discovered that this was not going to be easy to do. I had seen that Carver Knowles have had success removing agricultural ties without the need to market the property first so decided to give them a call.


I spoke with Ellen, who explained the full process to me and she explained that this could be done by making two separate planning applications through the local council. This is because I had been in breech of the agricultural condition for more than 10 years.  The first planning application was to make it lawful for me to live there in breech of the condition. Ellen prepared the planning application and submitted it to the local planning authority, all I had to do was wait for the decision. Thankfully this was approved so we could move onto the second planning application. This application would be to try and remove the agricultural tie completely by putting to the council it was no longer reasonable to keep it. Again, Ellen prepared and submitted the application to the local planning authority and I just had to wait for the outcome. Thankfully, again it was approved and the tie was removed.

I feel this is something I could never have achieved on my own, without the help of Ellen. She was really professional and exceptionally knowledgeable in this area. Both of the planning applications had been fully researched and included so much information that I could never have done myself.