It has been nearly one year since the Electronic Communications Code came into force, governing new agreements for mobile phone masts and telephone and broadband apparatus. So what are the early experiences of working under the new code?

The market for new leases/renewals for mobile phone masts is progressing very slowly with few deals being agreed. This is mainly down to operators offering significantly lower rents, making prospective landlords unwilling to negotiate. So far operators have not asked the Tribunal to enforce an agreement.

Conversely, the local fibre broadband network under Gigaclear seems to be growing daily. The NFU and CLA helped with the wayleave document and the firm is now offering payments for its equipment.

With the advent of 5G we are sure to see more activity as operators need significantly more sites to deliver the network. The market is therefore likely to become clearer as more agreements are made or referred to the Tribunal.

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