The LEADER grant has re-opened in Worcestershire.

LEADER is a scheme within the Rural Development Programme which offers grants ranging from £2,500 – £35,000 to local business and organisations based on 35% of the cost of the project being granted.

Eligible claimants could be farmers, growers, foresters, local rural businesses and rural community organisations and are specifically targeted at “micro” enterprises (less than 10 full time employees).

Applicants must contribute to one or more of LEADER’s six national policies;

  • Support for increased farm productivity.
    • Equipment and machinery to improve energy, water and input use efficiency eg. Precision farming.
    • Equipment and machinery to reduce impact on soils eg. specialist drills
    • Investments for slurry management
    • Investments to modernise or mechanise production and increase productivity
    • Technology to increase feed use
    • Improvements to housing to improve welfare and energy efficiency
    • Equipment and machinery to improve animal handling over and above standard
  • Support for micro and small enterprises and farm diversifications.
  • Support for rural tourism.
  • Support for provision of rural services.
  • Support for increasing forestry productivity.
  • Support for cultural and heritage activity.

The application process requires the submission of an “Outline Application” which if successful will move onto a “Full Application”.

The deadline to submit an Outline Applications is the 2nd December, therefore if you would like more information or would like an application pack please contact us on 01684 853400