We had a building which had planning permission for a holiday let which we then built and ran as a holiday let for three years.  We then had a change of circumstances and decided we wanted to live in the holiday let ourselves, meaning we would need to remove the restriction of holiday let only usage.  We consulted two planning consultants prior to Carver Knowles.  The first one told us that we would have to live in our holiday let for ten years before we would be able to  apply for (and then only maybe get) residential permission.  The second planning consultant told us we would have to live in our holiday let for four years before we would be able to apply for (and then only maybe get) residential permission.  We then came across an article on line about ‘removing holiday let restrictions’ written by Carver Knowles, saying they had experienced good results in having restrictions lifted.  We immediately made an appointment for an initial consultation.  This time the story was very different.  Not only were we told we could apply for residential planning permission straight away but we were also told we had a good chance of getting it.  True to their word, we made an application and six weeks later, just like that, we received a letter from the council saying Full Permission!  Needless to say, we are now working with them again on another project and will continue to use Carver Knowles from now on for all our planning issues.  We can’t thank them enough for offering a ray of hope when it was beginning to look like there wasn’t any and for then delivering exactly what they said we could achieve and in such a short space of time.  Quite simply – stunning!