The Rural Payments Agency  (RPA) are sending out a BPS update leaflet to farmers and agents who submitted a BPS 2015 application. The leaflet sets out what farmers can expect from the RPA in the coming months and confirms the exchange rate for payments.

The main focus of the leaflet is on when and how farmers should expect to hear from the RPA about their claims. It will also remind farmers to let the RPA know if they have changed their bank details recently and advises them that email will be used as the primary means of contacting them in the future. The leaflet will further confirm the exchange rate for payments and advise farmers how to avoid being a victim of fraud.

RPA Schedule

 October 2015

  • Anyone who submitted an RLE1 form for entitlement transfers should have been contacted to confirm transfer is complete


  • Payment rates for entitlement values and greening payments rates will be announced
  • Applicants who have requested entitlements will be contacted to inform them whether their application has been successful


  • Payment window opens on 1st December 2015.The RPA is hoping to complete the majority of payments by 31st December


  • All payments should be made by the 31st January 2016.
  • If for any reason a payment will not be made until the end of the month, the RPA will be in contact explaining why and an estimated payment date.
  • Remittance Advice will be followed by a Claim Statement. This will detail how payments have been calculated and whether any deductions have been made.

June 2016

  • Payment window will close on 30th June 2016

Additional Points

  • Any ‘excess entitlements’ that were available on a 2015 BPS claim will be lost.
  • The exchange rate has been set at €1 = £0.73129
  • 2016 Greening rules have been published
    • Oilseed Radish can now be claimed as an EFA catch or cover crop
    • Some EFA features can now be up to 5 metres away arable land rather than adjoining.

If you would like any advice on BPS please do not hesitate to Carver Knowles on 01684 853400 and one of the team will be very happy to help.