Britain leaving Europe has left a question mark over agricultural grants as we know them. Whilst we cannot predict the future, we can report that DEFRA has stated that they will honour any grant funding allocated to farmers pre-2019.


However, all grant funding is now competitive and with limited money available it is vital that all applications are sent in as soon as possible to ensure the best chance of success.


There are a range of current grants available such as:


  • Countryside Stewardship
  • LEADER –precision farming, tourism and diversification (40% of the overall project total £5,000 – £35,000)
  • Growth Development programme – Tourism, food processing and business development (based on the overall cost of the project £35,000 – £170,000)
  • Countryside Productivity – specific items for animal, arable, horticulture and forestry productivity.
  • Welsh Rural Development Programme – Capital items available for grant funding will be technologies linked to animal health, crop management, efficiency ( 40% of the overall cost of the project, capped at £12,000)


If you would like any more information regarding agricultural grants in your area please contact Mike Cluley or Alyssia Thomas


Other Successes:

  • Six Outline LEADER Grant Applications were accepted and have gone on to Full Application:
    • Direct Drills
    • GPS with tractor auto steer
    • Sand and slurry separator
    • Automatic Palletiser
    • Horse Incinerator
  • Growth Development Programme Project – Broadway Tower – This is a significant project to develop the offerings available at Broadway tower encouraging more visitors and creating more rural employment. The project includes:
    • Visitor/Educational Space
    • E-Bike Hire
    • Food Preparation Facility


If you have an idea in mind or would like further information on the grants available in your area contact Alyssia Thomas on 01684 853400.